River Title

To learn about this conference and future plans please read this column at Open Rivers. 

The present-day crisis of climate change requires a political movement and solution, not only based on science, but on an awareness of the relationship between climate change and inequality that comes from an understanding of our history. Studying the history of rivers not only shows how we are connected to nature, but also how we are connected to each other.

Invited speakers will explore the ways in which both rivers and their residents remember history through three interrelated themes: Slavery and Freedom, Indigenous Resistance, and Environmentalism. In addition to academics, this conference includes presentations from people who work as non-fiction authors, public historians, and community and environmental activists. Together they will discuss: What can river history tell us about this particular theme in American history? How might river history contribute to both a stronger environmental movement and environmental justice? 


The beautiful posters were designed by Edyta Lewicka. This conference was created and organized by Scot McFarlane