Video Shorts

I will be creating and uploading a series of river history videos over the next few months as a way to engage with river history in our social distancing world, starting with Massachusetts’ Concord River:

Teaching River History

View the full syllabus for the  Columbia University History Department’s Rivers, Politics, and Power in the US course and consider how you might adapt it for your own classroom or community group.  This article features a class field trip on the Harlem River.

Op-eds are another great way to teach and advocate for rivers, such as Scot McFarlane’s op-ed about the Trinity River in the Dallas Morning News.  You can visit the OpEd Project for tips on how to write and submit your own piece.


Events and Event Recordings

Past events include:  All Water Has a Memory: Rivers and American History and a digital walk on the Harlem River.  Stay tuned for updates for future programming.

The Environmental Movement:

Slavery and Freedom Panel:

Indigenous Resistance Panel: